Honolulu–The blogger is proud to finally post news that your columnistl author and blogger received two awards from the Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii chapter last month. One as a finalist for best independent journalist in the State of Hawaii and a second for best feature column for my column Voices of Maui Beyond the Beach in Lahaina News. Just proves that in some places, journalism is alive and well on Maui. Now if I can only slow down enough to stop making typographical errors, everything will be perfect;

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Lahaina 7/18 Day for Survivors

CANCER 1 - 1
Lahaina–Today cancer survivors, their loved ones, their caregivers walk in a “Relay for Life.” Cancer has no geographic boundaries. Away on a short vacation, we cannot be there. Across the street from where we are staying in Chicago is a commemorative oasis of a park just steps from Lake Michigan that made us think ofd Lahaina’s day far away on July 28. Two dozen small stone slabs in black remind us of the struggle. If you live in Lahaina, thinking about going at 6 p.m. tonight near the aquatic center, to march in a beautiful ceremony, serious about the cause but also enjoy a wonderful event. Aloha to all from ChicagoCANCER 3 - 1


Chicago, July 13–What happens when you are having so much fun going to outdoor concerts, celebrating the Fourth of July and strolling about town. If you are a blogger you take hundreds of photos but don.t take the time to doing anything with them. SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR  BEST PHOTOS

Friends have asked for some photos. So to satisfy everyone, including followers, we depart from the usual entries to offer these.

The blogger is still basking in the honor of being named as a finalist for the best independent journalists in the State of Hawaii in 2015.

The blogger has had a life that is bookends. First a journalist, 40 years a pr guy, the last nine as a journalism again, columnist and author. I am getting more and more into the journalism thing, which I should have been all along.

Check out tomorrow when I post my coverage of a protest. As usual in Chicago, everyone act first class; protestors and the police who handled it just right.

Enjoy the photos while we go off to the new river walk for a drink while we watch the tourists boas and speedboats move down the Chicago River to Lake Michigan.CHICAGO FIRST WEEKb - 1

4th - 1 (7) CHICAGO FIRST WEEKb - 1And we have a Tiki Bar too, just blocks from where we are staying.  MAUI NO KA OI (the best in Hawaii, CHICAGO NOK KAI OI ON THE CONTINENT (Sometimes knon


4th - 1 (17)CHICAGO, July 5–The fourth meant picnics, band music and an oration in the town square and fireworks. John Adams predicted how we would celebrate. The Chicago History museum today shows us how. VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LCC PHOTOS on a visit to the blogger home town.

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THE BRITISH ARE of four Fourth of July posts

4th - 1Chicago–How ironic. For 57 years, the Chicago History museum has invited our opponents in the War of Independence to our country’s birthday party at its Old fashioned fourth. The blogger returns after a 14 year absence to this annual event. WATCH FOR THREE MORE AMAZING POSTS. Voices of Maui Talk Story, Llc photo from bloggers visit to Magnificent Chicago.4th - 1