WAIKAKI, April 17, 
 IF you haven’t been to Waikiki for a while, this is what you will find:

Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLC photos

Natasha Visited

Kaanapali, April 12–So who attracts your attention at a bar, Leilani’s on the Beach, on a Saturday afternoon in Ka’anapali? Natasha, a charming lady from Fort Wayne, IN, who sports a wonderful tattoo. It took two months to complete the creation.  Husband and wife, first time visitors, plan a trip down t Watch for the blogger to get his first tattoo soon. Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLChe mountain on Sunday, V oices of Maui Talk Story, LLc photo

Bright Ka’anapali Sun Paints a Picture

Ka’anapali, 7 a.m. April 11–Here comes the sun, painting a picture as it shines into the Starbucks on Ka’anapali Beach and forms a shadow of a coffee drinker doing something with his fingers.  NORM BEZANE/VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC.

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Three pointer from 4,373 at Final Four

Honolulu, April 6–Posted up during the final four game Saturday, your blogger attempted a 4373 mile shot  to Indianapolis against Duke. Unfortunately, my shot rolled off the rim. Coach K has brought his team frequently to  the Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament.  In one free throw contest between coaches and local students, Coach K was the only coach in recent memory to sink all three.  However, even he could have not made this shot.  The blogger successfully predicted the defeat of Kentucky and now predicts the Big 10 will rule. ON WISCONSIN from a fan of Illinois.  Sara Foley photo.

What something special did 500 people on Maui who attended Easter Service get?

Kaanapali, April 5–They got to get dressed up, they got hula, they got music, but the two special things they got were a fine message from the Kaanapali Beach Ministry and sunburn, the last two lasting. Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLc. photos

Everybody into the pool on Easter on Maui.

April 5, Ka’anapali, some 500 people came. They heard music, watched hula and were preached to on Easter Sunday. Only two however attended in the pool. The rest got sunburn on the sun-filled lawn. If you were fooled, so be it. The blog missed April fools day so this will make up for it.